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Tiffany dambro-tinsey

"I won my first art contest at age ten. First prize was a brand new set of watercolors. My life would never be the same! After receiving an art scholarship for incoming freshman to attend Western Michigan University, I put my initial intention of attending Parsons School of Design on the back burner. WMU was known to have the best graphic design department in the state back in 1987. It seemed like a good fit. After taking my first graphic design class I knew I had made a huge mistake and quickly switched in favor of a BFA in painting. That was the right fit! 

My career as a painter has included watercolors, oils and acrylics. I have also had a lot of fun with ink, basically anything I could brush onto a canvas. I have never played by the rules where my art is concerned. One of my favorite earlier pieces was created with a can of house paint.  Good paint is expensive. As any hungry artist will attest, when you are in the zone you reach for whatever is near to capture the effect before the moment passes. I have never been afraid to push boundaries, using any materials available to achieve the desired affect for the piece I am working on. This mindset has led me to my current work. In truth, I have always been a bit of a frustrated sculptor. Creating mixed media sculpture on canvas has been a natural progression, one that allows me to push past the possibly expected norm. 

Regardless of my initial intent, I more often than not gravitate towards a vibrant color palette. Dramatic contrasts of light and dark coupled with movement are key elements of my work. As a painter I wanted my work to dance off the canvas. As a sculptor, it literally does! 

If something is easy I want no part of it. Where's the fun in that? I love to create and am continually seeking new challenges in my art.  Honestly, producing work that encourages the viewer to gaze a moment longer is the greatest challenge I face."

dambro-tinsey paintings

12" x 36"  3-D Mixed Media on Canvas

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24" x 19"  3-D Mixed Media on Canvas

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20" x 20"  3-D Mixed Media on Canvas

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24" x 29"  3-D Mixed Media on Canvas

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18" x 36"  3-D Mixed Media on Canvas

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