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manuel varela

Manuel Varela was born in Moaña, Galicia, Spain in 1973. He started his artistic career in 1991 with his first exhibition at Centro Cultural Daniel Castelao.  Initially, he was a self-taught artist with a natural ability.  However, to expand his expertise and style, in 1994 he began studying at Escuela de Canteros de Pontevedre.  He continued here for 5 years, receiving a masters degree in fine arts. 

We can divide his work into two phases of his artistic career. The first period, during his time of study, reveals a time of creativity and restlessness.  The artist experimented with different styles and materials and mixed tradition with vanguard. 

The second period is the consolidation of Manuel’s style, in which the artist resolves the latent conflicts of his first period.  With influences of artists such as Umberto Boccioni, we now find sculptures free of restriction. The depth of his work has a dynamic form achieved through movement and his command of textures.  Subject-wise Varela is loyal to his surroundings, the ocean and unique characters are frequent protagonists of his compositions. 

His pieces have been exhibited in many individual and collective exhibitions and are part of public and private collections. Additionally, he has been awarded with several prizes and medals.     

40" x 40" Oil on Canvas SOLD

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