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luis lonjedo

Luis Lonjedo (Spanish, b. 1968) was born in Valencia, Spain in 1968. He started his artistic vocation at 17 years old when he began feeling a natural affinity towards portraits. Once he graduated from high school, he joined the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos located in his hometown of Valencia. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in painting in 1992. 

Throughout his career he has enthusiastically attempted to reflect the passage of time through the simple moments of life. Lonjedo reveals the parallelism between theater and everyday life, the city always appearing as a backdrop. Through the arteries of the big city flows a multitude of stories ready to be picked up by his brush or pen. His two internationally recognized talents—drawing and painting—have allowed him to expand his artistic career to include newspaper and book illustrator. He also participates in live painting performances at conventions and concerts.

Luis Lonjedo’s pieces have been exhibited in many individual and collective exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States, and are part of public and private collections. Additionally, he has been awarded with several prizes and medals.


lonjedo paintings

40" x 40"  Oil on Canvas

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47" x 47"  Oil on Canvas

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