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karen hoepting

Artists Statement

At the heart of my work is my love for animals, which has been the case for as long as I can remember. My own pets, two dogs and three cats, are not only a direct inspiration to me, but they are a constant reminder of why I love all animals. I see them as flawless and free spirited; as their world and ours move together. In my paintings, animals often become characters, playing a part in a story (as we all do in life). They are always celebrated with decorative elements and vibrant color. It is my intent to create relatable and light-hearted paintings.


A unique and expressive form has evolved in Hoeptings artwork. In both her paintings on paper and canvas she mixes media to weave brilliant stories where animals play roles in a fantastic and joyous world.  The paintings are acrylics detailed with graphite, oil stick and pencil crayons. She also uses texturizing mediums and gels to enhance the final imagery. The compositions stray from any conventional arrangement with surface elements integrated with those further into the picture plane.  Her original sense of narrative draws the viewer into a world that is at once delightful and familiar yet somewhat unexpected. Hoepting admires the works of Marc Chagall and shares the artists ability to tell stories with form and color.


Karen Hoepting grew up on a farm in rural Ontario just south of Owen Sound, a small port city on Georgian Bay. Growing up in the country usually meant having a lot of nothing to do, so Hoepting and her siblings would often draw and paint to amuse themselves. Animals were always an important part of her life and these were her favorite subjects. She remembers drawing them as carefully and as realistically as possible. This activity was a particular source of happiness to the young girl.

After high school Hoepting enrolled in the liberal arts program at the University of Waterloo. She majored in Fine Arts graduating in 1997 with an Honors BA in Fine Arts. Her early studio work followed along traditional lines, drawing with pencils and pastels on paper, while painting in oils and acrylic on canvas. Today she combines these media working them together on both canvas and paper.

The work of German Expressionists and the Symbolists have always intrigued Hoepting. She is emotionally drawn to the vivid and powerful imagery of Kathe Kollwitz, Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. Like these artists she speaks to the viewer through symbols and stylistic motifs.

Today Hoepting lives just north of Toronto, Ontario with her husband Ching Lee and her many pets. She is featured regularly in select galleries throughout Canada, the US and Great Britain. She is also represented in Japan and has had many successful exhibitions there.

Hoepting Art

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11.5" x 11.5" AP on Paper SOLD

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10.5" x 12.5" AP on Paper

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