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gerhard nesvadba

Gerhard Nesvadba was born in 1941 in Ober-Ramstadt near Darmstadt, in western Germany. There are many talents that this artist possesses to a very high degree, such as the masterful domination of form and a well- developed feeling for harmonizing colors. Although these skills are not as highly valued, as they ultimately should be, the ability to draw has been one of the prerequisites for any artistic creativity throughout all of art his- tory. This is certainly another area in which Nesvadba has even more expertise.

Gerhard Nesvadba belongs to a small group of genuinely skilled artists, who still have a perfect command of the basic foundations of their trade. Even if this does not fit into the concepts of some art critics, he is justified by his success with the public, still endowed with a sentiment for genuine values.

Today, Nesvadba is classified as being among the top group of the most produced artists, fine art reproductions of his originals are created all over the world and he has a huge following. The originals themselves, which are collectors items, are masterpieces of the traditional school of painting. Some of his works have been acquired by public collections as well: Graphic Collection, Albertina, Vienna Municipal Museum, Hamburg Collection of the Ministry for Art and Education, Vienna.

nesvadba Paintings

9" x 39" Oil on Canvas

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