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The art you choose to display in your business can say a lot to visitors and employees alike.  Creating an atmosphere that is comfortable, enjoyable and inspires creativity is always important.  Displaying artwork in your place of business creates a pleasant environment that feels more like home. Whether you display original oil paintings or casual prints and posters, you'll be creating an environment where employees and visitors alike enjoy coming.

At Gallery 505 we strive to listen to the needs of our corporate clients and offer them a truly exceptional service and product. We will work with you to choose art that offers the correct balance of color and space utilization while complimenting your corporate image and culture as well as complimenting your office decor. Having worked with several types of businesses around Milwaukee and nationally our corporate art and framing program is one we proudly stand behind. We’ve provided art and framing for law offices, apartment complexes, retirement villages, dental offices, banks, hospitals, bars and restaurants to name a few. Whether you need five pictures or five hundred we’ll guide you step by step through the art and framing process.

We will begin with a complimentary walk through of your space and a discussion of your needs and desired outcome. Many businesses mix original paintings and posters when they are framing on a large scale.  Gallery 505 has a great selection of paintings fitting for commercial and office decor. Acrylic and oil paintings are great for lobbies, conference rooms and other high traffic areas of your company. Our poster selection is extensive with just about any style available. Prints and posters are great for work areas, hallways or less traveled areas.  Regardless of what you’d like for your business we can help.

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