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patricia Beatty

"I am a collector.   Using the ancient language of form and color,  the visual artifacts I gather manifest themselves in my art.

My inspiration is drawn from intuitive feelings and quiet perceptions of my surroundings.  I mentally catalog and reflect on these images.  My work can be influenced by numerous and often unrelated forces.  Artifacts are drawn from folk art, expressionism, nature and dreams.

Current avenues for personal expression are abstract and mixed media paintings.  The work is an exploration of color: rich and harmonious.  Intrigued by the marriage of patterns and seemingly disparate elements, juxtaposition of poetic symbols with seductive coloration defines my work.

Included in many private and corporate collections, my work is sold internationally as well as throughout the U.S.A. and continues to gain popularity in both markets.

My life, like my art, is a journey.  A rural Midwest upbringing nurtured an innate sense for the interplay of form and color in nature.  The daughter of a veterinarian, an appreciation for the healing arts led me to a degree in nursing from Loyola University.  I relocated to the Southwest and developed a successful career in psychiatric nursing.  However, a profound belief in my creative vision urged me to take a leap of faith and in 1980 my professional art career began.  Two decades of honing my skills and sharpening my perceptions has brought both artistic success and personal satisfaction."

patricia Beatty Paintings

14" x 36" Mixed Media on Paper  SOLD

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