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Art and Consultation Services

Our goal at Gallery 505 is to connect our clients with a work of art they will truly enjoy for years to come. With a selection of more than 60 artists and several different styles to choose from we are committed to finding you the ideal original work of art to fit both your space and tastes. We offer one on one service and advice and will always strive to make your search easy.

 As art is a universal language, be sure to find art that speaks to you!  We strive to link clients to works of art that offer a personal connection.  Your personal relationship with a work of art is the utmost importance when choosing your perfect painting!

Here are some of the great services we offer to ensure that you make an informed and comfortable decision regarding your original art purchase.


Free Local Residential or Corporate Consultations

Free Local 24 Hour Trial Period

Free Local Delivery

Museum Quality Custom Framing

Custom Art Searches

Personal Art Commissions (from select artists)

Corporate Art

Create your perfect business atmosphere with original art!

Custom Framing

Finish off your original art with quality, custom framing.

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