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arno arrak

Arno Arrak was born in Tallinn, Estonia and comes from an artistic family. His father is one of Estonia’s most prominent artists, with works included in the collections of many major galleries and museums. His mother is a decorative designer in leather craft. Arno’s early training in his father’s studio was a precocious, yet rudimentary base. Later he attended the Tallinn Art University where he worked under several master printmakers, supplementing his education in St. Petersburg, Russia and Stockholm, Sweden.

After leaving Sweden he relocated to Canada. He worked at Open Studio in Toronto as a master printmaker, where he developed a unique monoprint technique with Alan Flint, one of Canada’s leading printmakers. This technique has attracted widespread international interest among printmakers and art collectors.

Arrak’s artwork combines his highly developed technical skills as a master printer. In his landscapes he strives to represent nature, by instilling his sense as a member of our global society, with positive and vibrant energy. His technique has allowed him to achieve a symbiotic effect easily compared to a surrealistic environment; thus the soft, meditative quality and the calm mood of his contemplative landscapes.

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