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Kasey child

Kasey Child creates texturally abstracted, chaotic landscapes in acrylic and oil, primarily painting with a palette knife. He forms cities with energy and fading to decay. Showing the uncertainty of change and the extremes of weather, with fire, polluted water, flooding and the clouds of a storm. He also works with watercolor, pen & ink, color pencils, and photography, often combining the media. He is creatively impulsive, often going through intense phases of experimenting with a new subject or style.

He is motivated by environmental chaos, climate change, and the border between development and nature. “When I’m painting at my best, I want the viewer to see the land and the sky combined as one, that there is no difference, to see the impacts of our actions, or our collective inaction. I want to show the risk of our trajectory and the path of our habituations. I’m really trying to evoke the emotion we’re living through, the uncertainty and instability.”

Child is the son of the artist and art dealer Joan Terese Hayes. “An upbringing in the arts was an irreplaceable experience, something only a few people will experience. I definitely lean on her expertise for input and critique. Her honest feedback has quietly pushed me further than I thought I could go.” Kasey collaborates with Joan under the pseudonym, Michael Terese, using their middle names when they paint together.

Kasey is interested in the history of art and artists’ creative processes, interviewing artists in his free time. “Filming an artist is a very immersive, insightful experience. Then there’s the tenfold hours spent editing footage, when I really begin to see the nuances of craft.”

Kasey travels extensively as an art dealer for Fine Leaf, which he co-owns with his mother. He lives in vibrant Burlington, Vermont, where he maintains a studio and runs an independent film company.

Kasey child paintings


15" x 23" Mixed Media on Paper

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"Water Graffiti"

16" x 16" Mixed Media on Paper

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29" x 43" Acrylic on Canvas

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33" x 34" Acrylic on Canvas

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