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Serge Firer

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Born in 1954 in Gorky (in the former USSR), Sergei Firers' interest in fine art began as he watched his own father, a fine artist, at work. Firer received his formal art training at the Gorky Art School and graduated with high honors. Subsequently, he worked at the Artistic Fund until 1973.

In 1990, Firer left Russia to embark on a new life in Toronto, Canada and his artwork began to emulate this personal change. At first, Firers' work showed artistic influences from Russian Socialistic Reform paintings. Since then, the Western modes of abstract drawing have become more prominent in his work. As an accomplished etcher, his figurative work shows geometric abstract tendencies that initiate motion and a sense of vitality. According to Firer, his inspiration can be attributed to the work of the French Impressionists and contemporary American artists.

Toronto, Canada

Medium Etching

Subjects:  Figurative

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