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Peggy Corthouts

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Peggy Corthouts was born in 1959 in Coventry, Connecticut. In 1979 she moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking in 1983. While attending Arizona State, Peggy studied under Wayne Kimball, a master printer from the famed Tamarind Atelier.

Among fine art printers, Corthouts is known as a printmaker of remarkable skill and sensitivity. Masterfully executed, her beautiful landscapes are contemporary, yet possess a softness and quality of light reminiscent of the Impressionistic Period.

In 1990 Corthouts moved her studio to a small town in the Rocky Mountains. She spends most of her time painting on location throughout the impressive mountainous landscape. Most recently she has concentrated on original mono-prints and oils on canvas, receiving considerable recognition throughout the art world.


Artists Statement:

"Each individual, personal place I have experienced through my life and travels, are etched in my mind and in my paintings. It is in painting these memories that I receive the greatest satisfaction. Through paintings, I am able to add the emotion, spark or serenity of the moment that a photograph could never express"


Colorado, US

Medium Acrylic

Subjects:  Landscape

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